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February 2017

Tekken 7: The Conclusion of the Series

Tekken 7 is set to release in the early 2017 and, oh boy, how excited it will be! Tekken 7 has been released in Japan but unfortunately, the other parts of the world need to wait just a tad little more for the launch. Who hasn’t heard or even played the fast fighting and combating system of the Tekken anyway? Tekken is considered as one of the legendary names in the gaming industry and it is for some good reasons. If you are one of the Tekken fans, this is a worth to wait gaming title this year.


Tekken 7 Development and Release Plan

Although it is confirmed that Tekken 7 will release in 2017, it is pretty surprising that there hasn’t been any official announcement about the exact date. However, it should be exciting that the game will be available soon for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Bandai Namco Entertainment will be responsible for the development and the publishing of the game. Despite the name, this is the ninth series from Tekken universe and it is the first series using the Unreal Engine platform. In Japan, this game had been released in March 2015. Later on, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution (the updated arcade type) was launched in July 2016 – again, only in Japan. The updated version includes newer additions such as new characters, items, stages, and costumes. And for the release in the western countries, it will be the updated one.

Aside from the several developments, the new game will include Power Crush and also Rage Art, new mechanisms that are guaranteed to make the game better. If you are curious about the development, you can check the latest Tekken 7 trailer and mesmerized by it! The trailer alone promises you a lot of excitement and enjoyment.


Tekken 7 New Mechanism

The game basically focuses on one-on-one battle mode. The Rage Art introduces the system where players can perform critical attacks that can inflict 30% of the damage. The Power Crush allows the players to keep doing attacks although they are being hit by the enemy. Naturally, they will also get some damages from the attack.


Tekken 7 Story

According to Katsuhiro Harada, the plot in this game will be similar to Tekken 4 which is darker and gloomier. It will be the conclusive series, answering the questions of conflicts between Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, and Jin Kazama – as well as ending the Mishima clan saga. Sounds like a promising game for Tekken 7 fans, doesn’t it?


Township Cheat and Hack Applications

Township cheat applications are usually used to gain unlimited cash and coins. The applications develop rapidly so, now, it is available not only for the game you play in mobile phone but also the one that you play on Facebook. The application used for android and iOS is different. So, when you want to download the Township hack applications, check first about the compatibility of it with your phone. Many people prefer to use a cheat for this game because they said that the gameplay is so slow especially if you play without spending real money in the game. The cheating applications can make the game easier and build the town faster. It also reduces the game’s complexity which usually complicates new players.

If you are looking for a Township cheat application, make sure you download the one which can be used many times per day. You can add coins, cash, materials, and increase the storage of your barn easily whenever you need it. It is also important to make sure that the application is free from virus because many cheating applications on the internet are often infected by the virus that can break your phone’s software.

Some Township cheat applications also require the phone to be rooted or jail-brook before the applications can work properly. Rooting your phone can be dangerous and it can remove the warranty. So, if you want to root your phone, make sure you do the procedure properly or you can ask for help from your friends who have the ability to handle such kind of thing. It is better if the application has an auto updater so it will be updated automatically when connected to the internet. This will ensure your application runs smoothly and can be used continuously.

Installing the hacking application for Township is easy. Here some steps of the installation of one of the popular Township hacking applications on the internet.

  • First, download the file from the website by clicking the download button.
  • Click the file to start it.
  • Connect it to your device
  • It will start detecting your device. Wait until the process finish.
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  • Wait until the process ends.
  • The last, disconnect your device from the application and open the game.

The steps can be varied for each Township cheat application but they usually work the same way.