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August 2017

Futuristic Smartphone Ideas Will Get Your Mind Blown

Futuristic smartphone must be the one that people have been waiting up until know. The smartphone history started with a regular phone that only has basic features and the shape itself is usually big and heavy, but as year by year gone by, technology is getting bigger and people are getting smarter. So here are some of the futuristic smartphone ideas and concepts that you’ve been waiting:

The “Flip” Smartphone

This is actually not a usual classic flip phone. This smartphone has 3 super AMOLED screen that is also super flexible, and you could connect this 3 screen into one making a triangle shape or any different shape that you want. This concept was made by Kristian Larsen Ulrich, she said that this smartphone will have an Android as its operating system.

Window Transparent Smartphone

“Window Phone” is the name of this smartphone. And it is literally a window phone, this smartphone’s design is transparent like a window glass, this smartphone also could give a realistic weather notification. For example when it’s raining, the smartphone will have a rain drop on its screen, if it’s snowing the smartphone’s screen will get foggy, and if you want to change the mode you just simply blow on it. This concept was made by Song Seunghan.

Aqua Smartphone

Samsung is one of the most successful smartphone company. Every design of its smartphone is always loved by the people all over the world. And Samsung also have a futuristic smartphone concept that would blown people’s mind. This concept was made by Bon Seop, he said that the smartphone will be transparent, looks like a water, so modern and futuristic.

Nokia E97 Envei

This smartphone concept was made by one of the biggest and the oldest company, Nokia. This E97 Envei has a shape like an envelope, very stylish, modern, and futuristic. This phone will have black as its colour which will make it more elegant, Nokia E97 Envei is completed with a LCD screen and AZERTY keyboard.

Apple Holograms And Folding Screen

Apple is a company that’s providing most of the smartphone technology that we use it right now. The futuristic smartphone concept that Apple has is really simple. it’s small like a little box, when you turn it on, it will show you a hologram that filled with information.

And that’s some of the concept of phone that could blow your mind. Let’s just hope that this concept will come true one day and we will have an opportunity to feel one of it in our hands. Hope this information could help answering your questions about futuristic smartphone.