Hitman Go Tricks To Master The Game

Hitman Go

Before you start the game, make sure you learn this Hitman Go Tricks. Having been released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles recently, Hitman Go had been available for iOS and Android in 2014. Unlike the console version with the stealth shooter base, mobile version is a turn-based puzzle solving strategy. You will be playing as Agent 47 in Hitman Go similar to the previous series sneaking or shooting to defeat many henchmen. The game has the look and play with chess game with interesting and beautiful graphic and artwork. Know these tips in order to win the game.

Hitman Go Tricks To Know Your Objectives

You have the free method to solve a level, but it is best to know your objectives before starting a level to get a much better experience. There three objectives in each level of the game ranging from avoiding the dogs, killing people, retrieving a briefcase, or quickly arrive to the finish tile. The Hitman Go Tricks let you unlock higher levels and stages if you complete the three objectives. You will be stuck at a dead-end if you do not complete all objectives. It can be quite challenging choosing strategy in the levels while completing these objectives. You will find it enjoyable and interesting game as you hit the last tile.

Hitman Go Tricks To Plan Your Next Move

You are given limited moves to solve the level in the game being the turn-based system gameplay mechanic. You must remain efficient to be a killer in a stealth-reliant setting. You have to count the number of moves on your own since there is no counter telling the number of turns you have already used in the game. Calculate the moves you will take in the Hitman Go Tricks similar you do in the chess game in order to get to the finish line by planning accordingly. Take your time when deciding a move since after taking a step will cause things to happen.

Hitman Go Tricks To Use The Sniper Rifle

Similar to the console version, you will find a sniper rifle in certain levels of the game. The only different is the riffle is used as a one-kill placed on certain tile. Watch your enemies and decide which one deserves to get hit by the riffle. Plan your move and keep an eye to those henchmen that give the most hassle to your objective and pull the trigger to get rid of them for good. This Hitman Go Tricks will help you pass the level easier.