Plunder Pirates Strategy Guide To Keep You Looting

Keep plundering with Plunder Pirates Strategy guide. New players would get a lot help to start the game with this hints and techniques. Plunder Pirates is amazing strategy game available on the Apps Store for iOS and Android developed by Rovio Stars, the same company who make the Angry Birds series. The Plunder Pirates might look similar to Clash of Clans but it is reshaped into its own amazing game.


Plunder Pirates


Plunder Pirates Strategy For Building Resources

Plunder Pirates is more than just about fighting pirates, pirate ships battle, sailing and plundering.  Those who had just started playing should know the most basic and successful strategy which is firstly strengthening your resources. In order to develop your defense well, you need resources the most in this game so you need to make sure there is always enough resources supply just like other strategy games. This means silos and buildings that generate resource are the ones you need to build and upgrade to the maximum level for the first time. Understand this Plunder Pirates Strategy so you always have your resource supply.

Plunder Pirates Strategy To Build Worker’s Shed

You will finish up lacking gold if you fail to manage your resources effectively.  Only one worker cannot build your magnificent island so as soon as you complete the game tutorial, building your second worker’s hut right away is the Plunder Pirates Strategy. Gems are gathered during the game but make sure you keep some to build the third hut. There is no less than three builders needed to be available so don’t use these gems on anything else.

Plunder Pirates Strategy To Plundering And Attacking

Attacking and plundering is the key in this Plunder Pirates. You already know what real pirate doing. But do not think it will be easy tasks. Make sure you master attacking feature in order to decrease your sufferers and to make the most of you winning rate in Plunder Pirates just like other strategy games. There is a unique characteristic in every pirate. The gunner is weaker when battling in close range but befits in ranged attacked. Advancing your attacks should have a good strategy based on the type of attack and power you recruit. Remember that don’t send all your armies in battle if you know they cannot win since you will lose them and waste of your precious resources. Always knowing the outlay of your armies is the best Plunder Pirates Strategy before you start to battle.